Gordana Mladenovic


About Gordana

Kindness enthusiast. Connector. Photographer. Mother. Gardener. Tree-hugger.

The camera in my hands is a bridge that connects, a prompt to share what is similar in us. That connectedness is a possibility, a little seed of universal love...

Home is Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada.

"Photography - both the craft and the art - helps me to be. It allows and enables me to live creatively, which is to honour Creation and my own existence. As I consciously pursue my craft, my concerns, anxieties, fears, loves, hopes and dreams bubble up from my unconscious. In this meeting of the conscious and unconscious, I can acknowledge my wounds and experience healing. Photography is neither a religion nor a panacea, but it provides me with the opportunity of "growing towards wholeness." Freeman Patterson

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